Limit screen time, limit computer time.

Advice parents have been hearing for quite a while now.  So why would you want to involve your child in an online preschool?  

The advantages are endless.  

As a teacher and a parent, this past year has been hectic to say the least.  I have watched my own children get disappointed every time their schedule had to change due to the pandemic.  It was gut wrenching to know that there is nothing I can do to give them stability.  

That is what online preschool can bring.  

Children start engaging in a stable routine that doesn’t change.  They start to be able to have structure back in their lives.  With live classes at the same time each day, they start to be able to know that things can be reliable.  The children also get to immerse themselves in more of a diverse classroom.  

With children from all over the US, they are able to meet children that they may not have been able to interact with in their neighborhood school.  Children are given the opportunity to learn more about different cultures through social interactions in an online classroom.  

Each child in an online classroom gains confidence and a sense of self that will jump start them into a more traditional classroom setting.  

Kindergarten can be a scary place for a child that has not had that many interactions prior.  Having an opportunity to gain that confidence before “big school” is a huge step in the right direction.One other area that gives online preschool children a head start is technology.  

We can all admit that this world is based on technology.  By being involved in an online preschool, children are able to start learning the ins and outs of a computer or tablet.  This knowledge will definitely follow them into schools.  

You may also be asking yourself, how much can a child actually learn in an online school.  

Well, that answer is pretty simple, the same thing that can be taught in a classroom.  

With unlimited online resources, lessons can be taught the same way.  As a teacher, I make sure that time is given each day in my online classroom for play and silliness.  

Children are also able to learn from the other children about play.  Just as they do in a classroom setting.  I also feel that the relationship between teacher and child is the same in both settings.  

Online, teachers are still able to get to know the child and the families, maybe even more since the children are in their natural setting!  Sometimes in a classroom a child might be more shy, but in an online class, they are surrounded by their own toys and are able to come out of their shell quicker.  

I have seen first hand, children that have been home for the past year and haven’t had much interaction start to shine in a virtual setting.  They are able to learn preschool concepts and prepare themselves for the natural classroom setting.  

Children in a virtual preschool build their whole selves and gain confidence to take on life after preschool.

-Karen Christiansen, Preschool Teacher