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Our Story & Vision

Preschool From Home specializes is a private early educational organization whose leadership brings over a century of combined experience in the fields of: education, administration, curriculum development, branding, management, customer service, and technology. 

Our vision is to get many thousands of children ready for Kindergarten and life beyond, in every meaningful way, and at the highest-possible level. 

Over the long-term, the only way we can achieve this bold mission is to consistently deliver families across the country a high-caliber education. 

And we accomplish that by hiring and professionally developing teachers, admissions officers, and other key personnel who are in the top 5% of their fields, respectively. 

Our origins go back to our Founder, Jason (pictured above at 1st grade Show n Tell), who struggled deeply with a childhood speech impediment and challenges socializing with other children. It was so difficult that he was placed in special ed by Kindergarten, hating the mere thought of having to go to school each day. 

He overcame that early obstacle thanks to the help of his parents, teacher, and speech pathologist, leading him to a life of success after that and now, a deep desire to help other children on their paths – no matter the obstacles along the way! 

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