Our Vision & Story


Preschool From Home is part of Ready Education Group, a private early educational organization whose leadership brings over a century of combined experience in the fields of: education, administration, curriculum development, branding, management, customer service, and technology.


Our vision is to change the way early childhood education is done, reversing some of the disturbing trends of our time (i.e., media addiction and antisocial patterns) by using the most empowering, cutting-edge technologies and methodologies to promote the highest wellbeing for children instead.


Our philosophy of education is based upon the following key principles: 


I. True “Preschool” is not daycare…it’s education, and education in the first 5 years is more important than in the next 20. Therefore, the emphasis and level of investment should match the importance of those formative years.


II. True preschool education is not about drilling for rote memorization or random play… it’s holistic (covering all the areas that matter) and it’s intentional (designed by experts with the end in mind – the “end” being to create children with greater capacities for communication, self-control, creativity, intelligence, and reaching their potential.


III. Preschools produce the best outcomes for children when the staff partners closely with the parents. For this reason, parents whose children are enrolled in our programs have access to guidance from our warm friendly staff along with regular assessments and updates on their child’s progress! 


IV. Beyond parents, children need a tribe. It’s unrealistic for mom/dad to do the entire job of child-rearing all on their own, especially with the demands placed on us from our careers nowadays. We believe in creating communities of resources and support to help parents meet their children’s needs without overtaxing themselves in the process.


V. EVERY child is a genius in his/her own right, waiting for us to feed that genius! We dare to say that with the proper level of cultivation, every child that goes through our programs can become a genius. Not in terms of IQ narrowly, but in terms of being truly excellent at something


Our origins go back to our Founder, Jason (pictured above at Show N Tell in 1st grade).

He used to struggle deeply with a childhood speech impediment as well as with socializing.

It was so difficult that he was placed in special Ed in Kindergarten, hating the mere thought of going to school each day.

He overcame that early obstacle thanks to the help of his parents, teacher, and speech pathologist, leading him to a deep desire to help other children on their paths – no matter the obstacles they face along the way! 

Meet Our Team

Jason Bern

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Monique Laura

Director, Head of Family Programs & Happiness

Tifanie Lieb

Teacher "Transitional Kindergarten" (Age 5)

Jennifer Brook

Teacher "Pre-K Accelerator" Program (Age 4)

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