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See how this reputable virtual academy prepares children for Kindergarten more effectively than most traditional preschools, all while giving parents greater transparency, convenience, and fairer tuition compared to private schools.

We Don't Just Produce Incredible Learning Outcomes.

We Have Proof.

4 Long-Term Case Studies

Our Founder & CEO Jason with Dr. Sinha, Ayansh's mother, discussing his long-term progress in Preschool From Home.

Jason with Swati, Shaanvi's mother, discussing her long-term progress in our Preschool (age 3) Program.

Jason with Albert, Eden's father, discussing her long-term progress in our Pre-K and Transitional Kindergarten (ages 4-5) Program, as well as how she's doing right now in Kindergarten as a result.

Jason with Cristy and Ron, parents of Audrey, who has been making leaps and bounds in the Pre-K Program (age 4) with Miss Terri.

5 Magic Moments from Class

Shaanvi triumphantly declares the 12 months of the year - IN ORDER!

Emilia brings a tutu for DANCE TIME, with all her friends joining in on the FUN!

Kalonji accurately tells the weather where he lives, and remembers his favorite song out loud!

Ivaan learns irony and humor, while recognizing the word "no"!

JD built his way up to 16 (blocks)!

Want Your Child to Experience Magic Moments Learning Every Day?

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

Every family enrolled in our program will be paired with a thoroughly-vetted, highly-qualified, and carefully-trained Preschool Teacher. And you’ll be thankful you had them as a part of these crucial formative years.

Step 1

Do Your Research

Look throughout our website, social media reviews, and our enrollment portal by clicking to “Learn More” below. If you are interested and we seem to be a good fit for your family, you are welcome to apply for a Free Trial Class and then a Custom Learning Plan where we identify which program is the best fit for your child’s unique needs. 

Step 2

Reach Milestones Along the Way

Once you enroll, your Teacher, Support Manager, and Program Director will all be supporting you and your child from the moment you start through the 2 annual assessment periods and every major challenge as well as milestone along the way. 

Step 3


Congratulations! At the end of the School Year we celebrate and graduate onto the next of our 3 Class Levels (Preschool, Pre-K, and TK). After that, it’s time for Kindergarten and your child will have reached all of the key developmental milestones which over a century of research tells us are strong predictors of your child’s long-term success. 

3 Written Reviews

And 3 Heartwarming Experiences

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Greysun moved on to our Transitional Kindergarten (TK) program after just 4 months of preschool!

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Anya loves Miss Susan and is now in Kindergarten!

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Morgan's mom loves how she gets much needed quality interaction with her teacher & friends in class every single day!

If Now is the Right time to Accelerate Your child's path to Kindergarten-Ready, get in touch!

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